live in the windowless room


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hecka raw this album was recorded and mixed by the guys in underdoom! studios and is fucking bad otherwise. we lie about which song is next because this is a 3 song demo of a live set


released January 5, 2012

jason - vocals
"bread" - bass
drew - guitar
joe - drums




CAPS Campbell, California

caps is from california

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Track Name: aardvark abortion
another day living in fear in this rotting state
you're easy to convince when you're afraid of getting raped
"expect some sort of conflict, no matter your location"
just some more words of wisdom from the tv station

"don't trust anybody that you don't already know
everyone is out for you, it's best you stay at home
random acts of kindness can only get you dead
if you're not thinking of yourself how can you get ahead?"

you don't realize your daily life is keeping you detained
sometimes i wonder to myself, who is more restrained?
those who sit inside their cell as a result of their crimes,
or the ones who sit inside their cell wearing suits and ties?

facebook, cell phones, twitter are just more ways to be tracked
but you need to stay on the grid. to leave? who'd want that?
making mountains out of mole hills, these fences have arisen
since when did your own safety require such a prison?
Track Name: bumsville
i wake up to the blackened sky
my mind tries to project the lies
once i slip through the narrow bars
i see streetlights masking stars
i'm a criminal, you've got crime
you've got no flaws, but i've got mine
tell me life bears no escape
i can't hear, i'm skating away

i don't want to make you mad
not with all the fun i've had
crack the ground, i'll take the spill
this blood just won't matter still

my kryptos flatten private lands
your image leaks out from my glands
gassy chemicals block the rain
sunlight pumps within my veins
all these towns are one huge ditch
damn, these people are one huge bitch!
i won't thrash the atmosphere,
just my shoes and social gears

i don't want to make you mad
not with all the fun i've had
crack the ground, i'll take the spill
my blood just won't matter still

straight outta bumsville is what i wanna be
these suited inmates will never let me free
straight outta dustbowl is where i wanna be
with your safety goggles, you will never see
Track Name: ocean crust-o-nauts return from the sinister dimension x
A sense of self too ripe to breathe
A faith in man in jeopardy
dependent on a falsity
I'm killed by my reality

disorder takes the form of thoughts
I've finally found the truth I've sought
stale, depressed, a fucking mess
a lie undressed, a chain of stress

there is no God, I'm not a man
no consciousness, devoid of plans
the anguish of my brief escape
brings me to the world I hate